Payment Options and Pricing Discounts

Nittany Oil Company offers a variety of payment options and discounts. See what programs you are eligible for.

  • Cash Discount

    Money Bag

    Nittany Oil offers a 20 cent per gallon discount on home heating oil, or other fuels delivered by tankwagon, for prompt payment by cash or personal check. The discount is earned if payment is made at the time of delivery, or if it's received in our office within ten calendar days of delivery. Please contact your local office with any questions about the prompt pay cash discount.

  • Senior Citizen and Veteran Discount


    Nittany Oil Company recognizes our seniors and veterans! Seniors age 62 or older receive a 2 cent per gallon discount on home heating fuels for their primary residence. Veterans also receive a 2 cent per gallon discount. Seniors who are also Veterans receive a 4 cent per gallon discount! Please tell us when you qualify.

  • Credit Terms


    Nittany Oil Company offers a variety of Payment Options. 30 day payment terms are available to qualified customers. MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards are also accepted.

  • Budget Plan


    Our standard 11-month Budget Plan divides your estimated annual fuel cost into level monthly payments. Budgets are calculated during the summer prior to heating season, and run August - June. If you are interested in the budget program please contact your local office before August 1st. Interested in adding a service plan? No problem! Our service plans can also be calculated into your budget for as little as $22 / month.

  • PREBUY Program

    piggy bank prebuy

    PREBUY is a program that allows customers to purchase gallons during the summer months in anticipation for the next heating season. This provides the customer with an opportunity to receive fuel at a special capped rate, and prepare for the winter season with a peace of mind. Any unused funds will be credited back to the customer at the end of the utilization period (October 1st - April 30th). Please note that no cash discounts will be honored during PREBUY. Gallons are available on a first come, first served basis. The sooner you submit your PREBUY agreement the better your chances for securing your desired gallons. More information about this program as well as pricing will be available during the summer months. Please contact your local office for more information.

  • Energy Assistance


    Nittany Oil participates in LIHEAP Energy Assistance programs and the Citizens Energy Program. For more information on these programs or to determine if you qualify, please contact those agencies.

    Citizens Energy Program