Commercial Delivery Options

Nittany Oil Company is happy to deliver to your farm, construction, excavation, or job site. We offer a number of delivery options for all of your petroleum needs. Nittany Oil offers winterized heating oil, on and off road diesel fuel, kerosene, gasoline, and more!

  • Automatic Delivery


    For greatest convenience, choose automatic delivery. By means of our computerized Degree Day system, we anticipate fuel use and deliver automatically when you need fuel. The Degree Day system uses the temperatures outside and your past purchase history to calculate your delivery time. Once your automatic delivery pattern is established, you can live worry free about your heating supply - we'll take care of the rest!

    With Automatic Delivery running out of fuel is extremely unlikely. Automatic Delivery requires 30 day credit terms and delivery approval.

  • Will-Call Delivery

    telephone willcall

    If you feel comfortable monitoring your own heating oil tank, you may choose to use our will-call delivery system. This option allows you to call into your local office and schedule a delivery anytime you need it. To ensure that your supply remains steady we recommend that you monitor your tank closely. Always call before you are below 1/4 tank to provide optimal delivery time.

  • Petroleum Products Supplier

    Nittany Oil Company is your total petroleum product supplier! We deliver:

    • Winterized Heating Oil
    • On and Off Road Diesel
    • Kerosene
    • Gasoline
    • And More! Let us know how we can meet your specific needs.