Customer Testimonials

  • A letter to the president

    Dear Mr. Martin,
    I would like to take a moment to thank Nittany Oil for a job well done. About a week and a half ago on Friday afternoon I was faced with a no hot water situation in my home. I had an appt. for 10 am and my furnace is about 35 years old and I was told I was probably be without heat for the weekend. I did not expect your team to work as hard as they did to get the part I needed and to get my hot water working by 4pm the same day. Hank was very easy to work with as I needed to make a pay schedule and John Howley was very efficient in managing to have the work done so I could be on my way to work, I start at 5pm, but most of all I want to thank Fred Templeton. I was very pleased at how diligent and professional he was, he also serviced my furnace awhile back and I was very happy with that visit also. Its not very often I feel compelled to write a thank you note, but I thought this was the right occasion. I did not think there was anything that could be done for my situation and my wife was extremely happy also. I have been a Nittany Oil customer for about 5 years and I have never had any difficulty in appointments or with my fuel delivery. Thank you for your great service and please pass my thank you to your employees.
    Edward Frey
  • To John Howly, Service Manager

    I thought I would write to tell you how pleased I am with the heppa air filter system installed recently by Nittany Oil. First, I sure appreciated the installation skills of the men who did the work; the installation looks very compact and well-fitted. Second, the effectiveness in cleaning the air in my house is unquestionable: I no longer wake up sneezing and with a clogged head. When I stay overnight elsewhere, I notice a return of symptoms related to dust mite allergies. My allergist said that a heppa filter system seems to be the only one to rely on. Likewise, Consumers Reports had a review of various systems, and the only one that was effective was the heppa filter. There are stand-alone heppa filter machines, but typically one is needed for each room, and they add noise. I certainly do not mind spending money for something that really works and, in the long run, is actually less expensive than alternatives.
    Best Regards,
    Jack Neisworth
    (Professor at Penn State University)